Testen 19

Homographs, Heteronyms, Homonyms and Homophones

A description of what they are and the most commonly used one


  • A word spelled the same
  • A word with a different meaning
  • A word that sounds the same
Word1st Example/Meaning2nd Example/Meaning3rd Example/Meaning
KidYoung deerTo trick someonePlayful child
Keyon a pianoon a keyboarda metal devise to open doors or locks
Matchused for lighting firesa gameto equal
MintA herb, leaf for cookingplace where money is coinedperfect condition
OrganA musical instrumentparts of the body eg. The heart
MummyA motherancient Egyptian preserved body
Lockto close/fasten a doorcurl of hairsection of channel closed by gates
Jamfruit preserves – preparation of fruitssomething that is stuck somewhere
Flata flat surfacea place to live in
Interestthe interest you receive from the bank on your savings or that you pay on a loan.to be interested in something
Lieto be untruthfulto lie down
Fairto be reasonablea country fair
Bankwhere you deposit your moneyland along a river
Bowfront of a boattied with a ribbonshoots arrows


  • A word that sounds different
  • A word that is spelled the same
  • A word with a different meaning
Word1st Example/Meaning2nd Example/Meaning
TearTears come from the eyes. Water in the eye.My trousers need fixing, I have a tear in the material.
WindThe wind was blowing all night and really disturbed my sleep.Don’t forget to wind up your watch, before going to bed.
Lead metalLead is a chemical element and a heavy metal, that is denser than most materials.Take the lead and show us the way – to guide.
MinuteThe mouse is minute, next to the elephant. TinyThere are 60 minutes in 1 hour
Excuseto let someone offa reason or an explanation
Invalidnot valida person who is ill
Objectto complaina thing
Perfectexactly correctto make it correct
Resumeto start againa document of experience
Rowa linea fight
Sowto plant a seeda pig
Desertto leavearid, sandy region


  • A word that sounds the same
  • A word with a different meaning
Sea (the ocean)See (with your eyes)
Their (possessive)They’re (contraction)
lead (to guide)lead (the metal)led (to be guided)
To (preposition)Too (as well)Two (2)


  • A word that sounds the same.
  • A word with a different meaning.
  • A word that is spelled different.
Break (to separate)Brake (belonging to the car)
By (besides, near)Buy (buy a car, buy groceries)Bye (say goodbye)
Here (location)Hear (with the ears)
To (preposition)Too (as well)Two (2)
Stationary (not moving)Stationery (pens, pencils)
Compliment (flatter)Complement (things that go well together)
Coarse (movement, water going through ….)Course (education program, direction, course of events, meal, golf)
Whole (complete, entire)Hole (a hollow place in something solid)
Stare (gazing, look)Stair (single step)
Know (to be aware of something)No (the opposite to yes)
Affect (a verb meaning to impact or change)Effect (mostly a noun and is the effect of a change)
Vein (a noun which means a vessel that transports blood)Vane (a noun meaning a thin plate of wood, used to indicate the direction of weather and wind)Vain (to show undue pride and preoccupation in one’s appearance)
Accept (is to receive)Except (is to exclude)
Cash (is a physical form of money – a legal tender or coins given in exchange of a service or goods)Cache (a temporary storage in computing or memory that allows fast access to data)

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